The Family Jewels

The Family Jewels. The greatest band of the '90's that your aunt, the guy at the gas station, and a few kids in the UK have ever heard.

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Happy as a Fly

7" single (clear vinyl) with B-side Phone Sex Girls (aren't pretty)/1994

The Family Jewels

Self-titled debut album/1996




Tracks: 1. Applefoot 2. Happy as a Fly 3. Picasso Suave 4. My Plumber 5. Chickenman From Atlantis 6. Crayon Named Blue 7. Garbageman 8. Special K 9. Sox on the Line 10. Simon Spacely

Chuck and Louise





Tracks: 1. Slum 2. Cult Castration 3. Farm Song 4. God 5. Hair Party 6. Hand 7. The Slaw Abduction 8. Boy in the Well 9. Scary Song

Chuck and Louise 2





Tracks: 1. Higher than the Government 2. Push it Through the Middle 3. Miller = Gigolo 4. (It's Okay If You're) Gay 5. Picasso Suave (Remastered) 6. Counting Sheep

Unfinished/unrecorded tracks: Frankenstein, Peeping Tom, I Don't Like You, Secret Asian Man, Use of 7  


All songs by The Family Jewels Copyright © 1994,1996,1998, 2001,2002 Brian Barry, Michael Miller, John Underwood.

TFJ Promotional CD

Features: Higher than the Government, Push it through the Middle, Picasso Suave (Remix), Miller=Gigolo/2004



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 Happy as a Fly 
Push it Through the Middle
Higher than the Government (Ringtone 1)
Higher than the Government (Ringtone 2)
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How else do I purchase music?

Simple. Visit the following websites:

  • The Family Jewels Myspace Music Store. Visit our store on and purchase any song for a mere $0.99!
  • Visit our store at and purchase any song for a mere $0.99!
  • You can join the fans from Canada, the UK, and across America who have purchased the band's first album.
  • Visit garageband and see our reviews, listen to our songs, then be whisked away to
  • Your Local Music Store. Miller and bbarry have done a lot of "promotion" over the years. Take a stroll to your local mom and pop record store and see if the clear vinyl and first CD are there.

How do I buy TFJ Merchandise?

TFJ merchandise is available via the primo TFJ Gift Shoppe.

Items for sale include:

  • "Happy as a Fly" clear vinyl 7" inch (1994)
  • The Family Jewels debut album (1996)
  • Several TFJ tshirts
  • Mike Miller's solo album, "Complete Buffoonery"


Will the songs be on itunes?

Right now, the band is working with to make that dream possible. Patience...

Where can I get the latest TFJ music?

Unfortunately, the band self-financed themselves over the years and never had the money to put those songs on a glimmering, round piece of plastic. However, the band is talking about releasing songs in the near future. For now, visit the band's music sites, starting with

You guys have been saying that for years. When can I buy Chuck and Louise 1 and Chuck and Louise 2?

Hey! Relax. Time flies man. We have new lives now. New priorities. However, we love our music and love you guys for supporting us (morally and emotionally). The music will come out.

Dude, you can tell me. Is it a music rights thing? Are you guys pissed at each other like McCartney and Michael Jackson?

Hell no. bbarry, Mike Miller, and John Underwood love each other and long for each other's company. They are also joint owners of the copyrights for all of the Family Jewels songs. Any reproduction, retransmission, unauthorized use or sale may result in legal action.

Whoa! I didn't say I was going to steal or anything! Relax!

You relax. We're just saying. Look, we're understanding people. We let a lot slide. However, the band worked their asses off for 10 years, self-financing their own tours and albums. Recouping money is hard to fathom, but the music is copyrighted and protected by law.