The Family Jewels

The Family Jewels. The greatest band of the '90's that your aunt, the guy at the gas station, and a few kids in the UK have ever heard.

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Never had the opportunity to catch The Family Jewels LIVE? Your loss. Well, here's what the members of have been able to unearth for you. Enjoy.

The Family Jewels - Banned from The Melody Bar (1997) - "Boy in the Well" Uploaded!

In 1997, The Family Jewels hit Hub City like no other band, bringing their sick live show and incredible sound to the famous Melody Bar. Crazed fans causing a near riot combined with the

band's renowned stage performers, shaving cream, apple pie, and porno confetti ultimately led to the band's lifelong ban from the club. But the legend lives on here. This video, the first of

many from that night, features TFJ's Chuck and Louise hit "Boy in the Well."



The Family Jewels Comeback Performance - Chickenman From Atlantis


The Family Jewels Comeback Performance - 2nd Encore - Garbageman